Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to:Sniff All Passwords on a Network

What you will need:

1. Cain and Abel- You can download it here
2.*Optional- Wireshark- You can download it here

* Wireshark is used for packet sniffing. Cain and Abel also has this tool built-in but Wireshark is much more detail.

Step One:

You need to connect to a Network (Wireless or Ethernet) and make sure that there's people connected to it. We can use Cain and Abel to find out if anyone is connected:

Run Cain and Abel and this is how it looks:

Click on the on the "Start/Stop Sniffer" button in the top left corner. Then click on the Sniffer tab below and click the "+" button. This should appear:

Then click on the "All hosts in my Subnet" button and click ok. Now you should have a list of all the computers connected to the router. Click on the ARP tab below and this should appear:


Step Two:

Now we do the actual Attack. It's called APR Poisoning.

Click the "+" button and on the left click on the Router's IP ( and on the right you should see all devices connected to the router. On the right select the devices you want to APR Poison and click Ok.

Now click on the "Start/Stop APR" button in the top left corner and now you're APR Poisoning the network.

Step Three:

Now we intercept the packets that the customer is sending and receiving. We can do this with either Cain and Abel or Wireshark. I'll show you both ways.

Method 1:

While in Cain and Abel, click on the "Passwords" tab and there you should see any passwords Cain and Abel detected.

Method 2:

Open up Wireshark and this is how it looks:

Now on the left click on your network device you use to connect to the internet. A new window should pop up and here you will see all the traffic that your computer is sending and receiving.

Personaly i think that the Cain and Abel method is much better and simpler.

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