Saturday, February 26, 2011

Started Learning and Developing - Python

Today i started learning as well as developing things in python.

I wanted to start a Online Antivirus Scanner. Well i have already developed in Visual Basic and PHP which i didn't like as Visual Basic is not that good for developing Multi Threaded applications and its taking huge resources for scanning.

I was testing inside the VMWare in Windows XP SP3 the Online Antivirus Scanner with the following specifications

Operating System  ==> Windows XP SP3
RAM                    ==>  512 MB
CDROM              ==>  None
Graphics               ==>  None
Processor             ==>  1 Processor i3 Only one core ( even though i have 4 cores to use )

The Speed it took to scan under this environment was average of 120 secs per file  which is lot
I tried to  implement Multi Threading concept Thanks to rtflol 

Yea thanks for Aditya Modha for inspiring me to start python even though i have used it before but stopped since a year. Again i have started development in it.

I am sure every one gonna love it, its very easy language  , in case you want to develop complex things using win32 api use python as it supports win32 api's very well.

I have used python for scanning per file it took 15 secs under 13 av with same specifications as above.

which is a loooot shoter.

So i have installed Python 2.6  ( as version 3 right now have changed a lot than 2.x)

Now i needed Mysql Support in my python just google it you can get help or else you can ask me.

Most probably with ajax php python support i could complete it very soon :)

cya laters

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