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Easy way to Analyse your System for Virus or Malware or Trojans

Well it is believed that there are still a lot of people who doesn't really know how to use their system.

Why would people use the computers/laptops/notebooks/Mac books for ?

  • Facebooking
  • Social Networking
  • Chatting with friends
  • Mails and forwards
  • Resume making and other stuff
  • Watching Movies /Music
  • Online transactions etc ( if any )
These days (IT) Information Technology has increased to such an extent that common man is amazed still about webcam and chatting with other side who are in other countries.

If a common man is amazed about a simple Webcam just think about the advancements right now happening around us these days.

I agree that these days people got to know the use of computers and we can see every one using computers for every work because the computing price and time got decreased a loot.

Just issue a command and computer does work for you, all  we need to do is just sit and relax.

We think that in the offices we work very hard and once we come home back and say "Mom i'm very tired today" , "Hey Dude im really very tired these days very hectic work " .
The above comments are usual words from most of us. 

What do we do got to office and work on computer type and and print and write some program. 
Here what are we doing ? 

  • Typing
  • Thinking with Brain.exe or Brain.bin or Brain.dmg
  • Chatting with colleagues
  • Tea/Coffee breaks
  • Watching a Nice Girl / or Handsome Boy 
  • Coming Back 
Do you really think we are doing any physical work but yet we get tired every work is done by computer. 

Now coming to point do we ever care for our computers which does work for us soo many times ?

Even in the Sunny day or Winter season it work for us.

Do you know there are lots of people who would like to Mislead your privacy and enjoy themselves 

In one of the case 

There are lots of guys (whom i know from my past)  always try to spy on girls system and try to retrieve the photos and what she is chatting with whom. 
And delete some files in their computers and playing with them 
Changing their passwords if he/she say something to him

But that he/she doesn't really know how this all happened 

In another case

The Person is the so called computer professional ( that what he thinks ) 

His duty is to repair the system and install the operating system ( this is the only thing he knows ) 

Well after formatting and installing things he install a backdoor inside the system to spy on the computer 
so when ever he needs the money he tries to delete the files from the remote computer without the owner's intervention. Without knowing all this owner again calls the person and again this person gets the money.
Believe me i have seen these persons in my life. And yea i hate them a lot. 

Fact : 

Do you know your computer can be backdoored without your intervention.
What can a person get with backdooring ? 

Well nothing much

Just your whole computer access.
  • What ever you type on the keyboard would be seen by the person
  • What ever you browse can be seen
  • What ever you chat can be seen
  • What ever you store in your hard disk can be stolen
  • Your webcam 
  • Your Desktop screenshots 
  • All Your Passwords can be seen

Well everything is in his/her hands. Just you are paying your light bill and internet bill but he/she has complete access to your system

Well got scared ?  Yes 

yes it is simple and possible easily 

So what should we do ? 

Well simple check your computers for malware/virus/trojans every time

How to Check them i don't know what are they where would they be ?

Well dont worry read this post here 

Just understand that post.

Umm still confused i will write here simple way 

Download the newer version of Hijack This

Step 1 ) Double click on the Hijack This

Step 2 ) Accept the Licensing Agreement 

Step 3 ) Click the button titled: "Do a system scan and save a logfile"

Step 4 ) HijackThis will now scan your system and produce a log file in both the HJT window and in a Notepad window

Step 5 )  Visit this website

Step 6 ) If you scroll down you should see a BIG TEXTBOX  with this text You can paste a logfile in this textbox

Step 7 ) Paste the Log what ever it was generated from Hijack This completely here in the textbox 

Step 8 ) Press of Analyse Button in that website 

Step 9 ) Now wait for the page to load and you see which is Safe and which is not 

Step 10 ) If you aren't sure about the safety then 

Download the above software and install in your system 

Now scan your computer and let it fix the computer

Don't forget this is not complete ultimate solution but helps a lot. :) 

I recommend not to accept any kind of files from strangers 

If you got any problems with your computers post here :) 

I try my best to answer them 

PS: This was only for windows operating system ( the softwares part )

Subhash Dasyam 

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  1. Nice Post :D Very Simple n Easy Way :) Thx Subhash

  2. Nice Post :D Very Simple n Easy Way :) Thx Subhash