Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gevey sim works in India with proof

@sandy7250 here... on Twitpic

You can see the image over there it's the proof that gevey sim works in INDIA
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2 comments for "Gevey sim works in India with proof"

  1. Good to see the screenshot. Why is the carrier set to "Carrier Lab 9.0"? Is that by default for all phones unlocked by Gevey? This means that 112 worked for you using Tata Docomo! So when you dial 112 do you get a ring tone? Please help us understand!
    Many Thanks to you...wish you had made a video!!!

  2. Video is coming soon
    Well first remove sim and keep your iPhone Airplane mode on and now switch off your iPhone by pressing powerbutton for few secs

    Once u done keep he sim and start the iPhone and directly go to settings and airplane mode and off it
    Immediately call 112 or alternate number 911 and wait for it say some thing
    It can say anything airtel u are diamond is out of service etc can be anything all u need to make sure that it is connected repeat the same steps until u get it connected
    Now once it's connected wait for 3 secs and cut the call
    Now on the airplane mode
    Now off it
    Now it says sim card activation failed press ok and after few secs u can see your full signal

    Yes 3G works fine too

    If you don't get signal repeat the steps above