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iPhone Buzz | How to Choose and Buy iPhone

Here is another important post i feel important while going for iPhone. Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 16GB (AT&T)

These days the craze for an iPhone has been increased, with its dramatic increase of performance, user friendly and lots of features made iPhone a top Phone in the world market.

Even the person who used to hate iPhone now wanting to buy one iPhone because i was one of the persons who used hate the iPhone when it was in  iPhone 3.But one i have seen the version 4 that is 4th generation my idea got changed, My friend bought one iPhone (locked but jailbreaked) i used to play with it, my hate towards gradually decreased and i wanted to try the iPhone 4. But before buying i have no idea how to choose a iPhone which can be easy for me to use because most of the iPhone when you buy will be locked or later locked. We need to wait for unlock to release or go to some unlockers pay money then get unlocked or atleast jailbreaked.
So after i bought some random iPhone now i feel that my choice was wrong,After doing much research i found how to choose an iPhone while you buy from grey or black market or even Second Hands as they are worth even with 3rd hand.

So this post is mainly targeted for the people who are about to buy an iPhone.

Well first when you go to some market where they sell iPhones first Boot the iPhone (ON) and go to settings
if you cant see settings and if it says insert SIM to activate please don't buy that phone out of curiosity, because that phone has been locked to some carrier.

go to Settings >> General >> About

There scroll down you should see Model Number:MC123XX or MB123XX some thing.

Now choose one the Phones which has MB123XX

HERE MB is constant 123 can be any 3 digit numbers and XX is the Country where it was manufactured.

For more information about the XX country codes visit this post which i posted recently

Now if the XX contains any of these below letters then you can accept the phone because they must be factory unlocked, Because in some countries the law says no Mobile Network Provider cannot restrict a user to lock on to one carrier he can choose any carriers he need's, if they do its a crime.
Those countries are

FD Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
HN India
J Japan
LA Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru
PP Philippines
RO Romania
RS Russia
T Italy
TA Taiwan
X Australia, New Zealand
ZA Singapore
ZP Hong Kong, Macau

So if the XX contains any of the above letters then you can accept the iPhone :) .

But the remaining countries there is no law like user can freely change his/her network when ever he needs without locking his/her phone.

So when you buy a phone choose a phone which was manufactured by these countries or aleast shipping from where countries

How you understood what i ment

Got any question shoot it here

Subhash Dasyam

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