Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 | Kaspersky Antivirus 2012

KIS 2012. The following list is not exhaustive and other important changes and innovations are not published for competitive reasons.

• The work of the "cloud" technologies (Kaspersky Security Network) is reproduced in the main window of the Product. This increases their visibility and comprehensibility.
• In carrying suspect files are examined now with the help of the KSN.
• A collection of information about behavior patterns of software for the analysis KSN was introduced (PBS).
• There is an intelligent update system was introduced. Now the only updates for active components are downloaded. In addition, the system utilization and the effect was reduced by other programs during the update.
• The anti-spam module requires no training anymore, because it relates the information from the cloud.
• The detection of rootkits, which nest in the boot process in order to hide from the user has improved significantly.
• The user interface of the main window is substantially changed: It is now all the information and news from Kaspersky Lab are considered more comfortable. Apart from touch screens are now supported, the management of problems was added and the gadget has been improved.
• The protection against unknown threats by monitoring the application activity was improved.
• The phishing protection has been improved: In addition to checking with the local database of phishing links now, a request sent to the cloud. If there is no information in both sources, a heuristic analysis is performed. There are websites examined in the communications and mail traffic.
• Link analysis has been significantly improved: It now uses information not only from the local databases with malicious links and phishing addresses, but also information from the cloud. Also now be able categories (such as "pornography" or "violence") of the unwanted links selected.
• The performance of the product and its influence on the system and other programs have been significantly improved.

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