Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leaked iPhone 4 sports 64GB storage

This is the HOT NEWS about iPhone i have searched a lot in United States Emirates Shops and even in Black Market i have searched for 64 GB but i couldn't find. I have found China made iPhone of 128 GB i lol'ed.

For first time i really believed that it was true then i felt so dumb lol.

But finally APPLE iPHONE 64 got leaked this week.
on the left side what you can see is 64 GB iPhone 4.

More leaked Apple. Recent images of the Apple iPhone 4 leaked on the Internet show that the Cupertino-based tech giant may be planning minor upgrades to the hugely successful phone.

In a recent post claims that it has got hold of an engineering prototype with XXGB marked on the back. Upon operating the phone, it claims, the settings page shows that the phone indeed has a 64-GB capacity. It runs the iOS version 4.1.

This might mean that the device is from the same batch as the one that got hold of before the iPhone 4 launch. MICgadget also goes on to say that the owner of this phone got this device from a source who has a few of these with him. They also claim that the phone was definitely leaked from the Foxconn factory in Shenzen.

Find the video from MICgadget below it shows the capacity and the insides of the leaked device.
Here is the Video to watch the 64Gb is real :D

it was leaked in China

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