Friday, March 25, 2011

Micro sim card INDIA for iPhone4

Got micro sim card today converted my TATADOCOMO sim cars to micro sim card and again using the adapter I am using the sim in my HTC TYTN II

I hope I get gevey sim tomorrow

Price in INDIA is 300 rs that is around 5 US $

4 comments for "Micro sim card INDIA for iPhone4"

  1. When I dial 112 in bangalore from BSNL, it says that the number does not exist. When I dial the same number from Airtel, the call will not go through. Does this mean that the GEVEY sim would not work here [Bangalore]? In your earlier post you say that you have verified that it works meaning 112 works in Hyderabad? If so, which carrier?

  2. Well when I dial it says airtel number u have called is out of service and some times it even says dial 1220 for ambulance etc
    If it replies something that means it should work with gevey sim

  3. Airtel chennai says the number does not exists.

  4. well dont worry there are new things in Gevey Buy the new Gevey Ultra it takes care of everything