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Backup the Activation Token from iPhone to Desktop

The Permanent Unlock A.K.A Factory Unlock Service for any iPhone Carrier is Officially completed those who got that past week were lucky those who paid money this week were unlucky.
Well even who got the Factory Unlock are considered as Unlucky at the moment , one of the iPhone Hacker @Veenece announced that Apple might relock the IMEI numbers which was unlocked on previous week.
So every iPhone user who got this unlock are in serious trouble because if the iPhone gets locked again then our 200$ are ruined and most of em updated to 4.3.2 without even preserving any baseband because they were happy.

Well so the iPhone Hackers Bingner etc brought up a solution that is to Backup the SAM A.K.A Backup the Activation Token

Note: This works on only Jailbreaked iPhones so Jailbreak your iPhone as soon as possible before Apple relock your iPhone

So when you follow those steps your SAM | Activation Token get backup successfully, What if we erase the iPhone completely or Restore the iPhone ? The Backup Might get lost so what to do ?

Well You can even backup the Activation Token from iPhone to Desktop.
Backup Activation Token | SAM from iPhone to Desktop

First Download iPhone Browser.

Now Install it and open it and now connect your iPhone to your PC via USB. Now if iTunes automatically opened please close it.

You should see this Image when you open the iPhone Browser (you will see empty on right side)

Click and open var folder

Inside var go to /mobile/Library

Once you click on Library on right side you should see this file com.bingner.backup.plist

Right click on that file and select Save As and save some where on your computer safely

Now to Go to root folder inside it you should see a folder named Lockdown Click it

Once you click it on the right side you will see wildcard_record.plist

wildcard_record.plist is the important file to backup its better to backup the whole Lockdown folder right click on the Lockdown folder and click Save Folder In and backup the folder too

So now if you loose the SAM | Actionvation Token backup from your iPhone simply save these files onto your iPhone :) and again your iPhone is unlocked.

PS: if i forgot something important to backup do post here or let me know at i will post here, that will help in a lot of readers.

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