Saturday, April 9, 2011

Enter the Dragon My First Android Appication

Finally learning in wave the Android development Thanks to Mr. Kessler :)

Well i have been doing some small things but right now i understood how easy it is to develop an App in Android :)

I do suck at Graphics (GFX) but thanks to Karthik (Chennai) said he would help me in that :) (He is pro in that)

Well you could expect some unique application from me for your android device

I dont own an Android so i cannot test in any phone im developing in Emulator :)

i am only using Android 2.1 for now don't want to upgrade to 3 as still lots of devices are 2.1 .

Here is a Stupid Screenshot
A Simple Message Box Implemented

A text box and what ever we enter in TextBox it just gets displayed as message box

this aint a big program but for a Starter its good :)

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