Saturday, April 16, 2011

Facebook Virus - See Who Has Viewed Your Profile!

Spammer/malware coders who wants to make money targeted Facebook as it is one of the largest social networking site in this world.

What exactly it does ?

Once you click on the link like this

its redirects to or some other site exactly like this page 

Do not Click on red colored Links

Now it asks you to copy paste the javascript on the address bar if you are doing on the same browser where you have logged in with your Facebook account then it auto Likes different
pages like porn and some unsolitated pages / and the pages which wanted the traffic . This is also one of the traffic building strategy for the spammers.

Spammers take 100$ for 10000 Likes for a page so depends on money they try to auto like different pages at a time.

As facebook is mostly depends upon the Ajax technology these spammers find new loopholes to penitrate into the facebook and cause the disturbance to the users privacy.

The above page inserts a worm which automatically steals your session and tries to Mention all your  in a post and ask to click on the link and even invite you 
the event 
Even if you click on "I'm Attending" you get affected by this worm.

This stays on your browser until you restart your computer till then it has your session and tries to post on your wall every few mins so that more
victims fall to its prey.

If you are using Internet Explorer the risk is very much it tries to inject a Virus/Trojan/backdoor onto your computer which could steal all your passwords.

So beware when click any link from facebook, Even if the link is from your friend do not click it.

Edit: The pages the spammers are targetting is The LOL Page and Music Rules my soul.

So if you joined those pages Remove from your profile

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  1. Great Info Bro, already knew about it but can share with frndz now :)