Sunday, April 24, 2011

Free World wide Calls using internet

Use Yahoo Messenger or Skype to call the number 1-800-3733-411.

When the start menu listing operator to say into the microphone "free call".

I'll probably start advertising that takes a few seconds, after which the robot will announce to enter the phone number using the country code before the number.

Use the dial pad on YM or Skype to dial the number as 40722889933.

If the machine immediately after the ad says that the lines are busy you must repeat the process. Sometimes just going after about 3 attempts.

For iPhone and other cutting-edge use Skype to do so as I said above.

Call duration is 5 minutes, then you should follow the steps above again.

You can call anywhere in the world regardless of the telephone network.

It works with special numbers surcharge.
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1 comment for "Free World wide Calls using internet"

  1. It Ain't letting me do the free call thing. It gives me options like business,govt,residential or horoscope on the main menu and doesn't recognize when I say "free call".

    -Tried from an Android phone on Skype(WiFi)