Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Made up my Mind n found my Destination

I have real confusion i loved development and i loved Security and Exploits. I always wanted to develop things and i always wanted to find loopholes in different web applications and binaries.

I never wanted to be a Hacker but rather i wanted to be a Security Professional. In the same time i wanted to develop complex applications and wanted to integrate the both Development and Security in one bowl.
But i find that its really damn hard to mix them both without pouring the first substance on to the bowl.
So i made up mind i would like to Go with Security first than with development,I'm not saying i would leave development but i would like be with finding loopholes and disclose it to the world.

I did waste soo much of time thinking that " i can mix up with two careers into one easily" but it seems wrong i need to work hard.

If you think i am Genius then you are completely wrong Go Here and you will see the Genius +++++++++++++++ than me.

I have got no idea how many things i know but i have idea how many more things i need to know.I have a habit of forgetting things once i learn and use it when its needed.I never boast myself oh knowing something.
I never Hack any site wantedly or unwantedly.
I believe Defacing is skids work. If you want to show your skills release the advisories and make the world secure place.  
I believe google was not built by god but the common people like us.Every one makes mistakes same applies to Google or any other giant's , Only difference is experience and little workout with some different thinking.

The Below are the common questions end up with soo many people.

"I know sql injection i am a Hacker"

I say knowing sql injection doesn't make you hacker knowing how and why exactly it is working makes you nearer to the Hacker.

"I hacked/Defaced these many sites "

I say you are a kid with kiddish mentality, You are not even using your exploits you are just applying the methods and defacing them, or atleast you are understand the concept behind the exploits how exactly they work.

"I want to learn hacking and get lots of money/job"

No you might not get lots of money if you learn hacking,You cannot except any job if you really want to learn hacking, Hacking another concept where you cannot find Head or Tail, just continue to research.

So my path would be right now into Security little towards development, because i only know what to code at which part the loophole is !! :HeadsUP:


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