Saturday, April 16, 2011

Indian Music Industry to Fight Music Piracy

We buy mobile and the main part/quality we see is Memory card to store music inside it.While driving bike,while we are in bad mood we just plugin the ear phones and we hear music from the phone and we enjoy and relax ourselves,

But do you know we are actually doing crime ?

Ehh !! What crime boss ?

Well we aren't buying any Music we just download them of internet or share from friends and listen,we don't really care how would Music Industry suffer.

So for we all people the Indian Music Industry brought up a new LAW called Music Mobile Exchange Law to safeguard the music.
This Law says if you are storing any songs/music without the permission of the Music Mobile Exchange then you are liable for minimum 10,000 rupees or 3 years jail.

So be careful even traffic police might ask you for the Mobile Music Exchange card :P

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