Thursday, April 14, 2011

iPhone 4 Mic Problem

Today i had a problem with my iPhone 4 Mic
The people couldn't hear the voices other side i searched lots of Forums asked soo many ppl finally i understood that it is Hardware problem i need to take it to some Service Center
again i read some forum i saw that its the Problem with Noise Cancellation and audio Processor
We need to ReBall it i mean we need to Heat the Audio Processor to make it work

So i have like i couldn't brink my iPhone 4 which i brought.I got no guts to open my iPhone so i was thinking

Here is the Fix how it worked

I took my iPhone 4 on the top just beside the Big Hole ( head phones hole ) u should see a small hole i inserted a small pin and i blew into it very hard

Next i took it to my Air Conditioner and i reduced the temperature of Air Conditioner to 22 degrees

Now i placed the iPhone very very very very much closer to Air Conditioner

i left there for few moments

after some time i took back my iPhone and tried called

Voila !!! it works the other party can hear my voices crystal Clear

Now if this fix fixed your iPhone 4 please let us know :)

This is the Weirdest Fix ever had

2 comments for "iPhone 4 Mic Problem"

  1. this sounds like an april joke!?! why does it need to be 22 degrees celcius? i have the same problem with my iphone, but i dont have a ac to try it :/

  2. Well it was a temporary fix
    idk why it was working under 22 degress
    but now i have given it to repair and its working fine