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iPhone Spying your Every Move for 10 months

Yes you heard it right, it is believed no no its confirmed via "Authentic Source" that our iPhone Devices are constantly spying on us via MAPS.
Previously the Apple was previously in group with Google, but Apple was separated and started its own operations, previously it was open source with google but now complete closed Source.

Researched say that iPhone is Tracking every one's Location and saving them in its database,Recently a reporter got to know this and did save a Picture as proof do see this 

An unencrypted file stored in iPhones and iPads constantly records a user's location data. An open-source application was used to plot the location data from an iPhone belonging to a reporter.
If your iPhone or iPad has internet or atleast GPRS (these days its common and for iPhone its necessary)

The iPhone automatically tracks the locations and save the XML file with co-ordinates on the MAP.For this iPhone or iPad uses the Google Maps.We have no idea why apple is doing this may be for tracking us or may be Apple secretly monitoring everyone and submit the data to Law Enforcements when needed, or may be law enforcements making Apple to do these things to get the track of people.

We INDIAN users are also at risk, these days WiFi , GPRS,3G is very common every where and we normally get connected to the internet from every corner of the world.These pictures might help the law enforcements if a iPhone user gets kidnapped or something happenes, but this is like stealing the privacy of its users, Even Apple does all these things we still love to buy new iPhones , iPads and use it because we just love its interface and we just love to hear others saying "wow he got an iPhone".

What should i do now ? How to stop iPhone to get Tracked ?

Well as of now there is no news how to stop this, we even don't know where exactly it is saving these things on iPhone, why it is being saved everytime.Well if you are serious about your privacy then switch off Data connection and 3G and WiFi on your iPhone and use it as normal Phone.

Source : Wired

Edit: Yes we found where the iPhone is saving these files
 Software hackers Peter Warden and Alasdair Allen discovered an unencrypted file inside Apple’s iOS 4 software, storing a long list of locations accompanied with time stamps. The file is labeled “consolidated.db.”
 The Database contains these things :MCC,MNC,LAC, CI, Timestamp, Latitude, Longitude, HorizontalAccuracy, Altitude, VerticalAccuracy, Speed, Course, Confidence

Edit 1 : To solved this problem do this steps Jailbreak the iPhone, download the Firewall IP. Problem solved.

How can I examine the data without running the application?

It will be stored in a folder inside /Users/<your user name>/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backups/. Each time you sync up an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc) files will be copied into a new folder here. The names of the folders and the files within them are mostly random strings, but there are some index files like Info.plist and Manifest.mbdb. Find the folder that has the most recent backup by looking at the modified dates of the files. Then, load Info.plist into a text editor to see what device it's for. You should see a 'Device Name' value in the XML, make sure that it matches your iPhone.
The Manifest.mbdb and Manifest.mbdx files contain a listing of the real names of the files represented by random strings in that folder. Luckily, Alasdair found a Python script here that can convert those:

Edit 3: On iPhone 4.3.2 and 4.3.1,4.3 the Path for saving the Consolidated.db is /root/library/caches/locationd/Consolidated.db

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  1. well, with the new iPhone 4S, Apple introduced SIRI. the assistant who can interact with the user via speech. and the neww SIRI app uses your locations to determine office, home etc. so now you know why apple uses your location, and from now onward "Apple devices" will be openly monitoring a users location, for that matter.