Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jan LokPal Bill Approved but !!

Yes finally the time has come to make INDIA free from corruption,Thanks to Anna Hazare who lead us to the same.We INDIAN's are really thankful and proud to see that most of the People supported Anna Hazare and started rally in their cities.

First let's see what's in the Jan LokPal bill and what's in the govt bill

comparison between govt LokPal bill vs Jan LokPal Bill

The points in the JanLokPal Bill are strong enough for stop the corruption to some extent,but this possible only when there is full security to an individual, what I mean is if an individual wants to report on a corrupted officer or govt official or a politician he should get the protection against them because we all know what happens when we want to report against our higher authoritie, The may threaten us or our family and can even kill us. I am happy that this Bill got approved but it's sad to see even corrupted politicians are in support for this bill they thinking it's their win and want to get votes out of it .
Right now every pollution (politician) is supporting and shouting on behalf of the Anna Hazare but for how many days ?

I might be happy if all the corporate leader come front and take up their stand,I see soo many parties are now conducting rally's with people around them tell me something do people around the politicians actually know what's the Jan LokPal Bill is ?I am not pointing any specific political party here !

First of all we individuals we drive our vehicles and very often We follow our traffic rules if any traffic police catch us we give him 100 rs or 50 rs and just get off from there don't u think we also got corrupted minds ?

I'm not against this bill but it's sad to see the political parties involved in this.At first they said this Jan LokPal will be an independent organisation but now I see even political involvement in this !

I hope this organisation works fine for years and years and help INDIA to get out of corruption atleast some percent.

But I still have doubt about it's long run but all I can wish is All The Best !

Note: I did present my best here ! I am not a best editor like any news paper has if you find any mistakes feel free to correct me !
This post is not to hurt any individual and I'm not against the Bill.

Subhash Dasyam
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  1. Yea I haves compiled the above post on iPhone so I'm sure there would be mistakes correct me if any

    Subhash Dasyam