Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Online Antivirus Scanner Username and Password

Well finally i have tested and getting it Online :) for you all 

The Username and Password is 


Please test it and report the bugs here :) i would appreciate it

PS: I know people are lazy to find the URL of Online Antivirus Scanner here it is


Do report the Bugs

Thanks and Greets to Phill :) for hosting and stuff
Jackh4xor for his help always
My Crew members :)

Bug 1)Well another Bug Revealed :) on 27th April 2011 Fixing it causes Scanner to hang if more than 10 files are uploaded at a time  
 Bug 1 is Fixed :) Queue System is Optimized :)

Here is the Sample Report of one of the Malware

Bug 2) Files are not Detected even if you uploaded the detected files

Answer 50% Resolved as my Linux enviroment has a av feature which is blocking the files which are automatically detected the av scanners arent getting any file or getting partial files so it is not scanning well that is why it is not detecting bug is found and will be resolved

4 comments for "Online Antivirus Scanner Username and Password"

  1. First Bug Revealed By Sunny Vaghela it aint scanning well executed wrong Python Script :)

    Restarted the Server should be back in a min

  2. where is my name ??


  3. how to logout after completing scanning a file??