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The Present Situation on INTERNET with Malware,Virus

Do you know that your system can be spied remotely without your concern.
Do you know your passwords can be stolen without you giving out.
Do you know your webcam can be started without you concern.
Do you know what ever you type on your keyboard are logged and sent to the attackers !!
Do you know your Desktop screenshots are remotely taken.

Well if you don't know the above can be done then you are still in Stone age.The above functions* (basic functions ) can be done easily against you/your computer/or your pals.

This age is INTERNET age where people are waiting for earning money online thorough numerous ways !!
For earning easy money people adopting some BLACK HAT methods which affects soo many INTERNET USERS privacy.Yes underground/Malware coders are giving huge amount of money to the people who infect others systems by the Malware which they provide. That thing is referred as INSTALLS.

The underground Malware coders/companies are targetting mainly western countries like USA/EUROPE/RUSSIA etc.You can see one of the underground company pay for installs.
Another important thing here is they pay per 1000 installs.

Here if you see the above chart for 1-3000 Downloads 0.75$ per download if its United States or United Kingdom
let us suppose there were 1000 downloads from united states then 1000*0.75=750$ which is huge money.
The people just sit over internet sped some time and get the others to download the stuff and gain money.
Right now most of the youth are opting for this kind of service as this is completely hidden and no antiVirus gonna alert any one once they install.

The attackers/Malware coders make a website or any trusted program and keep this Malware at the backend so once a legit user/normal computer visit the site then his/her computer get affected automatically.

Even payment is done via Western Union and other Online money (they wont pay by paypal)
paypal is banned from underground people.

How can they install without your concern ?

Well there are lots of exploits available for your operating systems, their main target is windows operating system as they give out only exe files.The exploit means a loophole in a program or operating system.They use that loophole example in Browers like Internet Explorer.Firefox and chrome.That is why Google is rewarding the users who find the vulnerabilities in its browser.
So using those loopholes they exploit your system without your concern.

I have an AntiVirus which i brought it am i protected ?

Well technically speaking no. You are not safe even though you have an AntiVirus installed on your system,because there are soo many ways that one can bypass the signatures which AntiVirus detects , and even the Malware Coders can destroy the signature and create a new signature which will be undetected by the antiVirus,
This is why i have created a project called Online Multi AntiVirus Scanner,If you have any doubt on any file upload it and press scan button after you login, It scans with different antiVirus (around 12 popular antiVirus ) and gives your result there itself. Even though this is not a complete solution but this is one of the solution because one user can maximum keep 2 antiVirus on their computers so it is better to scan a File with different antiVirus and see the results.

How do i know if i am infected by a Malware/Virus ?

I have made a post about this please visit Easy Way to Analyse your System
The above post is not 100% but this helps you most times :) . if you are an Advanced System expert then read here Malware-Virus.html">Advanced way to analyse Malware

My Computer is infected what should i do ?

Please update your antiVirus and please click above two links and read the step by step tutorial that might help you.If it doesn't help you then please take backup of your files and Format your complete System ( all drives ) and then install a fresh operating system and dont just copy back the backup files the Malware/Virus can be in those backup files first scan with different antiVirus and Malware Analyser ( which i am about to launch check back soon ).

I don't really know much about the computers now how shall i protect my computers ?

I have made a post about this please visit Easy Way to Analyse your System
Read the above link and regular analysis of your computers will keep you safe from Malware/Virus.
For more information you mail me at My Email Address.

Which AntiVirus do you suggest and which antiVirus do you think is best ?

Well i suggest only 3 antiViruses those are brain.exe and time.exe and patience.exe, have time for checking your systems regularly , dont blindly click any links which you are not sure of , Do not trust any one online .

So finally what do you say ?

Same thing as above, Have time for checking your systems regularly , dont blindly click any links which you are not sure of , Do not trust any one online .

I have more questions whom shall i ask ? 

You can always ask questions here or you can even email me at

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