Monday, April 18, 2011

Your Activity is being Spied by Chinese Government

Yes what every you have heard is right, Your Activity on the computer is being spied by Chinese Government. Even your Antivirus spying on You.

The Government's want to Steal the important and confidential things from other Governments for various things.

Because of this we common people are getting affected and we are becoming zombies to them or you can even call ourselves as a SPY to another country.
We are not doing it knowingly but we are the zombies. We are the ones who installing spy things on our Government Computers etc.

Let me tell you Small Example,

These days we got good technology we can even connect to Internet from most of the places in this world.3G made it possible.Even Reliance and Tata Photon has launched data card when we plug into the Computer we can Connect to the internet ( Although we need to install the drivers etc before we connect to the internet ) .

First do you know who making those Data Cards ?
Do you have any idea what does those Drivers Contains ?

There is a Claim that the Chinese Government brought the Huawei Symantec Company which make the Data Cards.
We buy the card from the Huawei Symantec Company.

"Huawei, a large Chinese telecom and IT company with close ties to the Chinese military has faced obstacles doing business in other countries, because governments are concerned about giving them access to critical infrastructure. Huawei Symantec is a joint venture with one of the world's largest IT security companies which sells security products in the US,INDIA,Europe. Would the Chinese or other governments take the opportunity to create backdoors into western IT networks? Wouldn't they be crazy not to?"

So Are we safe ? Chinese Government can inject some sort of Spy commands in the datacard or in the Drivers we install and spying on us.
Note: This is just a Claim might be true might not be true.

Well lets see the scenario

We go to some government offices there we install our Data Card Drivers and plugin and use it or Some governement Official with his Personal Laptop He might Install and use the Data Card, or even defence minister.

Yes we do posses the threat by every angle our governments should take of all these

Our Country do have large number of Security professionals and we can even make our own products but why relying on different countries when its the Security Issue ?

I hope You all understood my concern !!

Subhash Dasyam

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