Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fastest Online Admin Panel Finder

Yes Finally i made this Online Admin Panel Finder, This is Fastest ofcourse :).

If you dont know how to use contact me

Well this is fastest online admin panel finder :). I need to edit some things in it.
If you find some bugs please do report me :).

This tool is to find the Admin panels without any software just online give your Site and it scans and finds the admin Panel.

This tool cannot give 100% guarantee for finding the admin control panel but works well :)

i will constantly update the paths.

Here is the Link   {NOT WORKING}

This is currently suspended, i will get this online soon
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8 comments for "Fastest Online Admin Panel Finder"

  1. ya i used it but i m confused there are lots of link..
    which is the particular one for admin panel??

  2. All the endings are the same for every link....

  3. Nice Liked it.. You might also like my Python Shell :)

  4. Cool tools great coding greet Unknown Soldier

  5. I Give Website then Large no. of links come i go to last link,first link and in middle 2 links but only website is open not Admin CP.??????