Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fastest Online SQL Injection Dumper

Today i am proudly presenting online sql injection dumper.

What is this ?

Understand the situation !! You have Pen tested or Injected some website and you want to retrieve the values.The values might be greater than 1000 to 10000 or even more

can you do like limit 1,1 limit 2,1 or group_concat()

some times group_concat retrieve all values but every value wont be shown on the site

So u again do limit 1,1 etc

And let us suppose in a table called Email there are Columns emailid,password

When u saw the count of it you understood that there are 10000 emails in the site

Now how do you retrieve them ?
You just cant wait for looong time by limit 1,1 or you might use some tools like Havji or Pangolin etc but they aren't fast enough to retrieve the values
They take around 2 to 3 hours Plus to retrieve those many values

So what to do ?

Well for this situation i made a Fastest Online SQLI Dumper . I am saying Fastest because it uses 1000 threads at a time and retrieves 10000 values in less than 2 minutes :)

And another important information is it is Not a tool complete online nothing to be downloaded :)

So use it until its free :) i leave this for few days free Reports bugs here or send email to

here it is

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