Monday, May 30, 2011

Online Antivirus Scanner Down Read Here

Well i made online antivirus scanner down for a moment.I want to recode that completely. I have seen python seems little slow with mysql and stuff. I am using python and MYSQL for db both at a time with python for mysql.
Recently i have done some online tools with php which has multi threading and i found they are far faster than python mysql.
Php and mysql are best couples in my view faster and safer.
So my view is to recode everything again with php and mysql and make it multi threaded more fast than the current speed i have got.

I am going to do this when i have some time, Although this wouldn't take much time:) I want to add some extra features in this.
All about PE File, its Entry Point, its Image Base Sections, Resources, EOF etc all strings.

So as of current situation i am recoding completely, i got lots of issues in real life as well so let me prove myself, and that now i became harder " i don't really do what you say !! "

A Friend or Foe i don't understand and i don't trust you !!You are just a piece of cake if i start to bake again !!.
Let me get straight its for the person who lives in my state.
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