Saturday, May 14, 2011

Online Port Scanner

Its been quite a bit, i haven't posted anything on my Blog.
There were few misunderstanding's between my friends and me, i couldn't clear it right now but i wish i will do it near future.

I was doing some projects in my free time.

Well coming to this post I am loving Online Stuff lately !!

I have been coding all kinda Online things as i love to code them :) You all should expect some more of em near future :)

i know it is not complete and not as Fast as the Online Dumper but works good :) try it
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4 comments for "Online Port Scanner"

  1. Fixed Lots of Bugs now :) Should be working good

  2. i have also created the port scanner in php and perl....

    but there speed is too slow.....

    so i hv to learn the threads in php and hw to use them.... to make them run bit faster....

    so plz can u send the the link or any tutorial on threads in php that concept be clear about the thread and can easily use them....

  3. Try this free and powerful Online Port Scanner tool to scan your firewall and other computer devices for open ports.