Wednesday, June 8, 2011

RDG Packer Detector 0.6.7 2011

RDG Packer Detector

This is a Packer Detector., i.e in this virtual world there are number of applications which we download daily and use them.If you want to debug them and find how they build etc (reverse enginnering) we need to know first in what the particular software was packed.

When a software/tool is packed that means it hides everything compress the strings inside the tool/encode the strings/resources etc so we need to uncompress/unpack the tool/software.

To do that first we need to know in which packer the particular packer was packed so for that we use the below software :)

Great tool !
Fast-Mode Detection Mode and Enhanced Powerful!
Super-Base of Signatures Updated!
Binders-heuristic detection
"Detection and Extraction Overlay!
-Checking and Automatic Updating!
Super-Fast Detection MD5 Hash!
Multiple-Support Plug-ins for both RDG Packer Detector and other detectors!
Multi-Format Detection MPG, GIF, RAR, ZIP, MP3 etc.
"Detection and removal of attachments!.
-Improved Heuristic!
"Greater stability!
-Supports Windows Vista & Windows 7
"Optimization in scanning speed
MA-detection (Quick) Totally Integrated Home Interface

RDG Packer Detector is a detector for packers, Cryptors, Compilers,
Packers Scrambler, Joiners, Installers.
And Much More!


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