Saturday, June 4, 2011

They are watching 'U' Be Cautious

We are spying you buddy !!
I know what's in your mind right now ?

Who are watching ?
What are they watching ?

Those would be your three major questions which might be running inside your Head (if not End here).

Well before going into details let me first clear you all this post might not have 100% authenticity which i cannot assure you all but, I'm very much sure about this.

Every day i do a lot of work in the computer and on Internet.I connect to internet with my Personal Laptop,My Desktop etc.,But every day every second i do have one thing in my mind that is some one is watching me while i do my work.

Even when i'm doing good or bad i have this feeling.
Do you know some facts by default all the I.S.P's (Internet Service Provider's) log your activity and keep with them for 6 months minimum. After that they write them inside a DVD or some External Hardisk.

What ever you do on Internet everything is logged. Even when you are using VPN's (Virtual Private Network's) or Proxy's the particular servers log your activity and when the Law enforcements ask's for the information they just give away.

Why did i have this kind of doubt ? 
Recently i heard the news that U.S Govt. are about to keep censorship on Internet, and all kind of activities are monitored with them.Even i heard the news that, the Debian operating System is now back-doored by FED's and log all activities on the websites.

The world super powers just wanted to take control of all the Internet to spy on different government's across the world.These things will not be official of-course. China has reveled that it maintains the Official Chinese Hackers which secure's its own Govt property and find the breach inside, but who know what they do outside ?

Every Country now want to spy on other country government activities to secure themselves and the country and be the number 1 across the world. For this the govt's are employing unlawful activities to spy on others.

This is all because the crime on Internet has become very common these days. It is said that atleast 10K people around the globe gets scammed on Internet daily in different ways. Even your email's, computers , Harddisk,Accounts,Pendrives are not secure.

The way of communication has crossed from mobile to internet VOIP for security, this made the different govt's to see through INTERNET.

Now coming to the point 

Who are watching ?

As i said the different govt's are watching you.The activities you do on the internet even which website you visit , On which different names you register everything is being recorded and saved for further usage.
When you do some kind of unlawful activity on internet for tracing that the govt spy on you.
That even includes when you Create a Fake Profiles on popular Social Networking Sites like Orkut , Facebook etc., and trying to post using those fake profiles or fooling some one is also being recorded.

I have seen lots of people these days are fascinated about the word HACKING. Every one want to Spy on other's system and want to HACK into some WEBSITE and SHARE on FACEBOOK or ORKUT GROUPS and be proud.
You may have done great work but what ever you do that already tracked do not forget. You just telling to the world that i have done this Defacement/Hacking Website and feel proud but that also attracts the law enforcements toward you.
You may feel that they cannot trace or they cannot come to your location to track you down . It is not the situation here that can be used some or the other time.
If you got knowledge share it and try to increase it but don't just be a kiddie and show it off !! . Don't just think of FAME it will just slaughter you some point of the TIME.

I don't really care if you don't listen to me.

Because if you want to really do some kind of defacements it should be OPEN SECRET. and i am sure 100% of people would do some thing wrong which would make their life miserable.

1) Attacking a site doesn't makes you a Hero.
2) Don't believe if some one says "Hey Dude you know my Friend is best HACKER in this world"
3) Don't think you know everything
4) The Situation right now which you have will be changed in future so get prepared.
5) Do not expose your self too much about you to other.
6) Do not try to help any GIRL unasked.
7) Usage of Trojans and key loggers are LAME, just LAME.
8) Just find different ways to penetrate into things just don't make use of them and attack things.
9) If possible try to report what you found to the owner.
10) If you want to be a real hero make some useful things from which you learnt which would help others.

I Guess i have answered all the answers, The second question answer is inside first question's answer :).

PS: I don't care if you don't read. I don't care if you don't follow
PS:PS: If some one adds you with fake name on Facebook or orkut or Myspace or What ever just ignore them who ever it is. Be secure don't get corrupted by following others.

PS:PS:PS: Even when you apply for visa's or going for a JOB in big companies they see your Facebook / Orkut profile that would really cause you a lot of damage.


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  1. I loved this one... And it is actually very true...
    I am against Defacements.. Hacking is to be done to strengthen security and not to BLABBER abt it to others..