Saturday, July 2, 2011

Link Exchange :)

If you own a blog lets exchange the links :) Please do contact me at
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  1. i m having a strange problem since yesterday evening, i m getting incoming messages time stamp late in inbox exactly 5.30 hrs late,suppose if i got a message at 5.30 pm , it is showing 12pm in messages, this issue is only with incoming messages, every thing is fine with outgoing messages and even call logs are shown exact time stamp...(i have installed dreamboard yesterday and few themes, in it i edited weather widget text file through ifile for weather updates to my city....this is the only notable change which i did yesterday, i am sure this issue is since yesterday, but it came to my notice today afternoon...)

    in settings date and time set automatically is ON and i am sure prevoiusly i use to have same status when time stamp for incoming messages workrd fine....even i set timezone chennai.....gmt +5.30 is what IST ...

    does any how have any idea regarding this incoming messages time stamp error??

  2. sry for out of topic subash, but do u hav any idea regarding incoming msgs time stmp error?

  3. iphone 4, 4.3.3

  4. any suggestions