Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Online Local File Inclusion Scanner

Here is the another Online Pentest Tool presented by Me :)

Most of the Credits go to : :)

I modified it to make it little more reliable :)

What does this do ?

This scans for a ip and finds the domains which are vulnerable to LFI i.e., Local File Inclusion and reports back the domain with complete URI :)

What is LFI?

Please do not ask me what it is !! it is a vulnerability all i can say !!

How serious is this LFI Vulnerability ?

Well its pretty serious !! We can upload a Backdoor and deface/steal the database completely.

So how does this work ?

Well first step is

if you want to PenTest a Website and do not find any vulnerability then what will you do ?

Yes go Reverse IP and try to hack some websites using it

Well it does take longer time to do it :)

so what shall we do now ?

This is why i made a script which can save your time little much

It auto scans for all the domains in reverse and try to find the lfi in the domain and reports back :)

So it is LFI Reverse Searcher :)

So here is the Link

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  1. Most of the Credits go to : :)

    The modification has done from my end