Sunday, July 10, 2011

Plus Ubuntu Minus BackTrack

Hello readers,

Its been such a long time since i made a post on my Blog.These days im spending my time in teaching some basics to the students, Listening to Music, Learning new programming language, renovating teh old Code to new with advanced features. I used to code always in windows environment as i feel it as easier. I use linux only to PenTest some sites or scripts. I never used to love the linux but it gradually getting decreased day by day and yet i still stick with my Windows by default. :). But i want to try something new now so i'm installing Ubuntu 11.04 version in my System as Duak Boot. I have removed BackTrack completely and installed ubuntu as my second operating system. I would like to see how i can code in Linux environment.The another thing i love here is the programming Language i'm learning that is PureBasic.

PureBasic is kind of java works in all operating systems :) (although we have different platform versions).

I am not getting much time in updating the blog and coding things for website there are lots of things still at pending status.

And i am about to take a decision which could Destroy my Future or i may lead luxurious life a ahead. Either way it depends upon the Decision i take.

Well my last words in this post are i would update blog little slow so please bear with me :)
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  1. We are always with u always....:):)