Friday, August 12, 2011

I am Un-Dead , Lazy - A Small Auto Biography

It was When i started to learn computers umm i think its around 5 years back. I was never passionate about Hacking or PenTesting . I just treated a computer as Machine who would never understand the feelings of its users.

I still remember when i got internet when i was 12th i think.
My First website i Opened when i got INTERNET was i was using dialup connection with net-cracker.

I didn't know how to use it and i used to rarely touch it. It was when i completed my 12th and was in vacation. Didn't know what to do , I was feeling alone i used to go play a bit of sports outside , come home start the computer click something ahh what is this Off the power button . I didnt know that i should shutdown a computer.

A Incident changed me i was left alone all at once.( nah i wont discuss that here ).

From then the computer was my partner and i used to play with my computer. I Still remember my First Hard Disk Size was 13.1 GB .

One of my neighbor used to come to my house and check his emails which didn't know. I asked him what it is. He said it is an email (yahoo). I asked if he can create one for me. He Created one for me. Some sort of stupid one i don't remember it now.

But i remember something with yahoo mail. I Used to click Mail Button after opening and then it asks sign in so i used to enter user and pass which i saved in a book. After that i clicked a Button it redirected to Home page. Again i clicked Mail and now it redirected me to InBox but i cannot see any mail in it. ( I didnt know that i should click Check Mail/Inbox )I was Clicking Mail button it used to redirect to Mail box but no email which i have seen in my neighbor's Account. LOL i feeling kinda weird when i think about it.

Well coming to the point, My way past is Mostly filled with Darkness which only few knows :).
I wanted to be a Artist and wanted to drew some painting etc , But some incidents are so powerful that it not only bring change in YOU but also YOUR FUCKIN LIFE.

I heard this word Hacking/Hacker from One of my Friend Mr. Harin Abhinav and One from my dad and another News paper.

I researched alot what is this hacking ?. News paper said A Hyderabad Public School Guy was Offered JOB in microsoft because He hacked something.

Google still was there those days but i used to visit alltheweb and ask mostly and yahoo.

My thinking pattern changed a lot after that, Never expected where would i be in next 5 years.I still don't know where am i.

I used to be very much aggressive in past meditation and peace changed me like a Calm water.
Ok OK no more Boring things .

OK i was fast previously, I used always DEFACE teh web pages for FUN, Gradually My Childish Behavior about the same was coming down. I stopped defacing and think in security point of view.

Well since 2 years i was invisible no one Knows about me. I really kept myself very low profile. But today Some kids are talking about me. I heard from others ( don't know if they saying right ) that i know nothing and become OLD in this field.

Although i wouldn't come into their words but i myself thought for once I need to show people that I am STILL UNDEAD and UNDEFEATED and IMPORTANT is LAZY.

These Days i am into Programming , Pen Testing, Teaching , Learning, Earning, Eating, Enjoying ......

Well Cya if you know my recent gifts :) .

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  1. something is going on....

  2. It seems you will end up in Jail again with your defacing stuff. Some people never learn and you are one among that.

  3. @Anonymous I don't know who ever you are !!. Which Learning you are talking n speaking about !

    I am at Peace So i know what i am doing. I do programming only these days

  4. @Subhash sir, Are some guys still troubling you....???

  5. Hi .....nothing to say .u have succeeded in the quest to find ur inner peace...u are really unbeatable. :)

  6. nice to know that you are back in action ..guruji !! :)
    all d very best..

  7. Sir U Was Is And Will Never Been UNDEAD .......... Hats Off To u Sir .........

  8. keep rocking ..dats it
    lyfe is yrs \,,/

    gr8 lyfe 25.rm :)

  9. hmmm....tryin to get into ur footsteps anna.........

    -Mr.4 (xmen)

  10. Ahem ahem...Dude we used dailup in school man!! :D

  11. impressing,good to know about you man

  12. intresting , good to know young man

  13. Quite interesting.......needless to say that many of this i did not know.......