Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CAT Pentesting tool

CAT is designed to facilitate manual web application penetration testing for more complex, demanding application testing tasks. It removes some of the more repetitive elements of the testing process, allowing the tester to focus on individual applications, thus enabling them to conduct a much more thorough test. Conceptually it is similar to other proxies available both commercially and open source, but CAT provides a richer feature set and greater performance, combined with a more intuitive user interface.
There are a number of differences between CAT and currently available web proxies. They include:
CAT uses Internet Explorer’s rendering engine for accurate HTML representation
It supports many different types of text conversions including: URL, Base64, Hex, Unicode, HTML/XML, SQL and JavaScript no quotes
It offers integrated SQL Injection and XSS Detection
Synchronised Proxies for Authentication and Authorisation checking
Faster performance due to HTTP connection caching
SSL Version and Cipher checker using OpenSSL
Greater flexibility for importing/exporting logs and saving projects
Tabbed Interface allows for multiple tools at once e.g. multiple repeaters & different logs
The ability to repeat and modify a sequence of requests (particularly useful in SSO testing)
It’s free


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