Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free High Anonymity Web Proxy service

Firefox Proxy Tutorial


Go to Tools, then Options.

Go to Advanced, then Network tab, then click on Settings.

Select, Manual proxy configuration:

Type in your prefered TUVPN proxy server address " " where it says HTTP Proxy. In this example we have chosen the London server. You can choose between any of TUVPN's server locations. For a complete list of available servers, follow this link.

Tick the box, Use this proxy server for all protocols

Click, OK and close the options window

When refreshing your browser page, you will be prompted for your TUVPN Service Activation username and password.

- -


[These are the current username and password for the service.
Remember that for security reasons, Free Web Proxy service user/password is changed on a weekly basis.
Come back to get new password when needed.]

Click, OK

- -

Serverlist (11 countries ):: (Romania) (USA) (UK) (The Netherlands) (Spain) (Luxembourg) (Malaysia) (Canada) (France) (Germany) (Sweden) (random connection to any of our nodes)

Note: There is a limited number of free seats available on each server.
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  1. For a complete list of available servers, follow this link.
    where is the link?

  2. @mathai i guess he forgot to add the link but in the

    End of the post you do see a list of severs but

    For a updated list go to this link