Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DNiD v0.12a Dot Net Packer Detector

Heard about PeID. It reveals the Packer information of Almost all the PE Files. This is the first Step for Debugging/Reverse Engineering.
Ever thought about .NET Applications ?
Dot Net Application aren't normal PE files so finding Packers using PeID is not possible as of now for this reason a coder Rue made a packer Detector for Dot Net Applications.

Here is the information for more ..

Coded by Rue
* Improved scan time with native C dll and added scan time section
* Added signatures:

DotNet Reactor v3.X [Native]
Adept Protector v1.X
Adept Protector v2.1
Sixxpack v2.2
Sixxpack v2.4
Crypto Obfuscator For .Net v5.X
ElecKey [AnyCPU] (thanks High6)
2011/01/02 - Version 0.11a
* Maximize button disabled
* Form starts in center screen.
* Basic external signatures implimented. (userdb.txt)
* Fixed Signatures :
.NET Spider v0.5A - v1.3
Confuser v1.X
DotNet Reactor v4.X [Native]
PECompact .NET v2.0 - v3.X
* Added Signatures :
.netshrink v2.01 Demo
.netshrink v2.01 Demo + Password
2010/12/30 - Version 0.10a
* First public release
* Signature List :
SmartAssembly v3.X
SmartAssembly v4.X
SmartAssembly v5.X
Phoenix Protector v1.7 - v1.8
Phoenix Protector v1.X
Confuser v1.X
The Enigma Protector
Enigma Virtual Box v1.X
PECompact .NET v2.0 - v3.X
dotNet Protector v4.0 - v5.X
.NETZ Packer -> MadeBits
Obfuscar v1.0 - v2.X
PC Guard for .NET v5.X
Skater .NET Obfuscator
Xenocode Postbuild v2.X - v3.X
Spices.Net Obfuscator
Obfuscator.NET 2009
Goliath .NET Obfuscator
Babel Obfuscator v3.X
Babel Obfuscator v1.0 - 2.X
DeepSea Obfuscator
.NET Spider v0.5A - v1.3
MPAC Packer
MPRESS v1.0 - v2.X
DotNet Reactor v4.X
DotNet Reactor v4.X [Native]
Protect Me! 2010
Themida v1.9
Themida v2.X
Dotpack 1.0B1 All Versions
If you have any suggestions, bug reports, or you feel you can help out with signatures please
don't hesitate to contact author.

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