Sunday, December 11, 2011

100% Free VPN RaptorVPN

RaptorVPN is the worlds only FREE VPN service. Our service allows you to use the internet in total privacy without the threat of eavesdropping from Internet Service Providers, Nation States, Hackers, Advertisers, and others.

- Unlimited Bandwidth
- No Disconnect Times
- No Ads
- PPTP and OpenVPN
- Always FREE

Support: MAC OSX,Windows, Linux
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7 comments for "100% Free VPN RaptorVPN"

  1. now a days, its not working...

  2. I just downloaded it, it seems to be working good so far! :)
    Yay, its anonymous! :D
    Is the VPN completly encrypted between the computer and VPN people, or atlease somewhat?
    is there any data mining from the provider?
    Just curiosity, I like to have safe setup for important things like banking! :)

  3. Well do not use vpn's while using banks coz these days banks monitor the ip address and wont be available to use if you are using different IP address
    and do not use any Public VPN's if you are concerned about security

  4. it is safe to use or not means possible.....

  5. this types of VPN not encrypted and also not secured sometime some hacker use this types of fake server to tack your data so do not use for any secure ttransaction