Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[eBook] How to make your own Undetected Crypter - A Crypter Blueprint

Most of them might have doubt what is this crypter and how it is used. Well before going to the actual information let's see what exactly crypter is .

Crypter ... By the word itself we can understand some kind of encryption etc.,.
Crypter is most commonly used in the underground/malware forums which is mainly used to undetect their virus/trojans/stealers/keyloggers from the antivirus.

but Crypter actual function is to encrypt your Executable file that cannot be reversed which in turn hides or undetects your piece of software/tool/malware from the antivirus.

isn't it interesting ?
So learn what exactly is crypter and how to make it and how to undetect it in this ebook.
i haven't read it but i got it from internet but i have head good reviews about this.
This ebook is mainly for the people who loves to code and covers basic to intermediate stuff about the crypters.
now why waiting download below

Download Below

Password to open the PDF:bluep22

Download the Ebook Here

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