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Subhash Dasyam is a 23 year old guy, currently living in Hyderabad, Indian. He is an addicted Web Designer, Developer, Computer Enthusiast, Professional Blogger, Penetration Tester, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Hacking and Forensic Investigator,Cyber Crime Investigator,Professional Coder.He is a Programmer and a Security Consultant. He does various kinds of penetration testing for a Server/Website. He always like to learn instead of ShowOff.He is not a Hacker, and those who claim themselves as one do not believe them, those are bunch of fakers claiming for fame.
A Quote from Author
Know your Destination before you start the journey in this field, without knowing the destination you would be lost and fall in Bad things.

He started blogging in November 2010 just after completing his B.Tech. He is very much interested in Research in Penetration of Server/Application He sit alone and spend all of his time in learning and researching. His thirst for learning and understanding latest web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and latest programming languages like VB.NET , VB6,Perl,Python,PHP,C# equipped him with an excellent art of web designing and profressional coder. He is now a web designer and professional coder and Penetration Tester by all rights without having taken any professional training.